Changing your email password

Email passwords are extremely important and should be kept secure and difficult for others to guess.

It’s not just your privacy that can be compromised.

If your password is discovered an attacker could easily send out literally 10000s of emails, which would cause delays to everyone sending and receiving emails.

Changing your password is simple:

Visit the website

(NB some versions of web browsers may display security warning which should be ignored and you should should proceed to the login screen).

Enter your username (which is the whole of your email address) followed by your password.

One of the menu options on the left-hand side (under My Account) is Password.

Click on the word Password to take you to the screen allowing you to change your password.

Remember to click on Change Password to save the new password, and then click on Log Out.

The next time your email program does a Send/Receive it will display a pop-up screen enabling you to put in the new password and also to “Save Password”.

A password should be at least 8 characters, include lower and uppercase letters and at least 1 number. Ideally you should also use special characters such as !$@&?*

Thank you for your co-operation.

Kind Regards

Paston Chase Support